from Gifts: Third But Not Least article

The third assumption, and perhaps the one most difficult to digest, is that the consequent forming of the universe is an emanation from the One. Not a hand-held creation, but an out-breath exhalation, whereby the breath is Love. Emanation, as opposed to Creation, predates intention, will or effort. Love, simply by being love, passively emanated more of itself. Thereby is Love the glue, the form, the very foundation of all matter, spirit and mental activity. Love loving Itself is what makes up the round of the One becoming the One-In-Many, so that Love may love Itself in all its reflections. This also say the sages, and more and more the physicists.

In between the One and the One-In-Many are all the perspectives and perceived ‘realities’. The corollary to the third assumption is that whatever we hold in our mental attention, out of Love, grows, and if we perceive a world of hate, we grow, we emanate a world of hate. If we hold in our attention a world of persecution, out of the very fabric and nature of our DNA, we love, we grow such a world into manifestation. But does that mean the universe is a place of persecution, of hate? Reality based on the first assumptions says Nay. Reality says learn to hold only what you love, because that is the first assumption of Reality, that you give your attention, your love, to what you love.


 It may seem expedient to forego the round of going out into the world of duality, the ‘sunlit’ realm, and simply stay put in the ultimate reality that accepts and sees life as unified love. In this way, we may avoid the experience of pain. However, it is the very round of Being, losing and forgetting, then remembering and returning to the One that fulfils the round of the One becoming the One-in-Many, which is, after all, a Mystery beyond our fathoming.

All we can be certain of is that our individual life is the only expression of this unique aspect of the One, and if we don’t live it, the world will never have this unique aspect of the One. This observation is so true, it stands alone, requires no justification, although we may extrapolate that it is not up to us to judge the worth of any life.