The Deeper Life

Mental Health Beyond Psychology

with Teeya Blatt

Welcome to The Deeper Life, a place in which you will find a new way of seeing the world.

The Deeper Life views reality as grounded in practical spirituality, and mental health as a natural flowering of this perspective, which includes and goes beyond psychology.

You are invited to explore two streams:
The Deeper Life – for essays and insights based on this perspective, and

Elders Teach – for lists of the upcoming courses that apply the insights gleaned from the previous stream, as well as dates for the course Writing Essays: A Formula for Distinction.

You will also find a place to order Booklets.

Taking the time to dip into the deeper life honors your capacity to regenerate. After taking this time, you can return to the everyday world feeling revitalised and grounded in a sane, healthy and deeper view of life.


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