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The following courses are based on The Deeper Life.

Three Gifts of the Sages

This course covers the material from the first two articles in The Deeper Life - Mental Health Beyond Psychology. These three gifts, when approached as premises of life, will help to heal many ills faced by people today. Based on a commensurate reality as passed down to us from sages, mystics, philosophers and mythologists, they do not deny the world, only reorient us in our dealings with it. In this course we explore each of the gifts/premises in depth, as well as their far-reaching effects in our daily lives.

This course is a pre-requisite for the following.

A Brief Tour of the Collective Unconscious

The Collective Unconscious is the place where we and all life, past, present and future, are connected. It is not only the receptacle of humanity's thoughts, dreams, and experiences, but is also the source of inspiration, insight, healing and understanding. The unconscious is the realm of life deeper than that which we experience with our five senses, and so we need to reorient our concepts and perceptiveness to accomodate this unfamiliar terrain. This course provides an introduction to several aspects of the collective unconscious in the form of a traveller's guide, which includes overviews of this realm's language, activities and population. The material covered in this course touches on Jung's pioneering formulations and extrapolates from these, and covers the material from the third article of The Deeper Life - Mental Health Beyond Psychology.

The Kingdom Within

This course extends the material from the Brief Tour of the Collective Unconscious and aims to provide a story of mental health beyond psychology. The healthy individual has in the kingdom within a proper and rightful king, who has a queen, counsellors and scouts. The kingdom has warriors that guard the boundaries of the kingdom, and in such an ordered and well-tended land, peace and abundance reigns. In the outer world, the individual is mentally balanced and equipped to deal with situations as they come up. As part of the class, each aspect of the kingdom within will be discussed and explored. This course aims to have students search independently for their own internal characters and to restore their unique king. Sharing is encouraged.

Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice

Sharing our dreams used to be an important source of spiritual guidance, dreams gave a first indication of trouble brewing with our health, or that of our loved ones, they provided inspiritation for creative resolutions of problems. When we lost the art of dreaming as a community we lost a large part of our sense of unity as a group, and forgot our caretaking responsibilty for dreaming our collective future. Based on the ancient women's group form of Dream Circle, we will re-learn to engage dreams for guidance into the health of our community and in our spiritual lives. By charting our dreams in connection to the moon, we will learn about how our dream cycles are connected to the wider universe. By leaving the personal behind, we will enter the collective dream. As we dream in circle, we come to empower each other's dreaming abilities and we strengthen the unity of our community. For our future and for humanity, we will dream a dream of peace.

Hypnotic Journeys Within

This workshop introduces the fascinating phenomenon of hypnosis and corrects any misinformation, illusions or misconceptions surrounding it.  A safe and relaxing experience, hypnosis can be used as a tool to access the powerful unconscious for inpiration, healing and wisdom.  In this workshop, we will attend three hypnotic journeys in three separate sessions:  to the still point within for the meditative experience; to the sacred garden for replenishment and comfort; and to meet the inner guide for your own future consults.  You will emerge from these journeys relaxed, rejuvinated, and with a deeper appreciation of the serenity, wisdom and creativity to be found within.  Teeya Blatt has had much experience as a hypnotist and loves and respects this subject.

More information about this workshop can be obtained from the article entitled Hypnotic Journeys Within

Consulting the Oracles

In this fun and practical course, you will be introduced to five different oracular traditions; the I Ch'ing, the Tarot, the Runes, the Medicine Cards, and the book consultation. We will go over which situations are best addressed by each oracle, and the do's and don'ts of oracle consultation. The psychological and spiritual principles underlying why the oracles work will also be discussed. This is not a course for magic, but for medicine.

This course is offered through Byron Region Community College on 27th, 28th January 2011, 10am - 2:30pm. Enrol at Byron Region Community College.

Writing Essays: A Formula for Distinction

This course presents an entirely novel approach to structuring essays. Although the content of an essay is important, it is the structure the determines the effectiveness of communication. This course provides a formula that is easy to follow and that will help you to structure your essays, and achieve mastery of the essay form.

This course available through Byron Community College

Writing Essays: A Formula for Distinction manual is also available at the time of the course or by ordering by email.

Dream Reader Workshop

One of the ways the unconscious converses with our conscious awareness is through dreams and dream language. This course explores eight different levels of dream information as provided by the unconscious, as a foundation for reading dreams. Although it is very cumbersome to understand our own dreams, this course provides a starting point for establishing dream circles, in which dreams are shared with the group and interpretations offered within the circle. The possibility for growth and understanding is magnified exponentially when dreams are attended to, and having regular dream circles provides a strong support and community connection that is empowering and healing.

Study Survival

This course is aimed at high school leavers who need tips on time management, note taking, study groups, dealing with test anxiety and test taking strategies. An introduction to the use of self-hypnosis to reduce anxiety and improve memory will also be covered, as will a quick overview of the Formula for Distinction in writing essays.

Learn Self-Hypnosis

A natural phenomenon, self-hypnosis is an effective tool for engaging the powerful unconscious for inspiration and self-healing. In this fascinating course, you will learn first about all the hype that hypnosis is not, and also about its uses and misuses. Group hypnosis sessions will introduce the class to the relaxation and focussed attention that is part of the hypnotic experience, and simple hypnotic suggestions will be administered. You will then be guided in understanding your preferred mode of imagining and in developing your own personalised self-hypnotic script. The particular use of self-hypnosis you will learn in this course follows the age-old exhortation to 'know thyself." Teeya Blatt has had more than ten years studying hypnosis in university, during which she wrote two theses on the subject.

Flavours 'Á La Tunisienne'

Teeya Blatt with Kim Komesarook will introduce three delicious and exciting menus sourced from authentic Tunisian recipes passed on from mother to daughter. You are invited to learn and to sample starters, salads and mains, delicately flavoured by North African herbs and spices. These shared dishes are low-fat, dairy- and gluten-free, and most dishes have a vegetarian option. Not only exotic, the feasting 'à la Tunisienne' is healthy, sane and varied.

Booklet containing collection of recipes also available.

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